Michael Larionov

Michael Igorevitch Larionov (April, 29, 1963 - October, 5, 2007) was Russian miniature artist, graphic artist, designer.


 From the biography of the artist

M. Larionov was born and lived in Palekh, in Ivanovo district. His father, Igor Ivanovich Larionov, was an engineer, mother, Lidya Mihailovna Larionova, was a school teacher of Russian language and literature. M. Larionov's step-father, famous miniature artist Victor Alekseevich Babkin, influenced on his choice of artist career.
M. Larionov attended the Palekh Art School (PHU). These years he met his wife Natalya Kozlova, who is also famous miniature artist now. His teachers were A.V. Burunov, A.V. Gordeev, B.M. Nemtinova, V.T. Kotov. In year 1983 M. Larionov finished his education and started artist career. He participated in art exhibitions since 1988.
In year 1994 M. Larionov and N. Kozlova united artists who shared similar opinions about miniature art development: Val. Juskov, A.Blohin, N. Denisova, J. Petrov, E. Celikov and others. Two years later Larionov's circle joined art-producers S. Lasunov and S. Smirnova. Since this moment name "After winter", originally used for exhibitions of Larionov's circle, became synonym of larger group of miniature artists from Palekh, Mstiora and Fedoskino, who performed against exploring tradition and imitation. Collective ideas, actions and exhibitions were influencing Russian lacquer art process and prevented its degradation.
M. Larionov did a lot to save art heritage of Palekh.
Art works by M. Larionov are concentrated in private collections in Russia, Holland, United kingdom and USA. Best art works, made in last years of his life, are stored in two world largest private Russian miniature collections of Joost Ritman and Malcolm Hill. Miniatures by M. Larionov are included in publications of museum of Decorative Art in Moscow.
M. Larionov was passionate musician. Together with Palekh's group "Safe", as a frontman and multi-instrumentalist, he received several musical awards. He played few roles in low-cost avant-garde movies.



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